Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy.

It is same energy in your body that allows you to heal from a broken bone or mends a wound and brings you back to health.

You don't have to consciously think about these things in order for them to happen, because the life force energy that flows through you has the wisdom to carry out these processes without your conscious involvement.

Sometimes this energy becomes blocked in people due to stress, trauma, surgery, illness and countless other reasons... It doesn't flow as readily and as easily.

This is where Reiki as a healing modality comes in.

Reiki as a healing modality is the process of sending extra life force energy through the practitioner's channels into the recipient's energy field and pushing through any blockages so that normal health and balance can occur again.

Is it religious?

Reiki is not affiliated with any specific religious beliefs and it respects the free will and belief system of each individual.

I could send you Reiki all day if I wanted to, but if I don't have your permission, it will not enter your field and will just go elsewhere.

Practiting Reiki for some does end up being a profoundly spiritual experience, because it strengthens and balances our mind/body/spirit and brings a feeling of connection and oneness.

How is it delivered?

The practitioner has had the energy of Reiki sealed within their energetic fields and can call upon it and use it whenever they feel the need. They serve as channels for the energy to pour through.

Using their hands they will either use light touch (think of a friend gently resting a hand on your shoulder) or no contact at all, simply hovering their hands in your auric space around your body to deliver the energy into you different energy centers.

The energy flows to you wherever you need it most.

What will I feel during the session?

Most people tend to feel deeply relaxed and peaceful. Some people will feel heat, coolness, or tingling around the hands of the practitioner as the energy is delivered. Others will feel nothing. This just depends on how much energy is needed, how quickly it is flowing and how sensitive the recipient is to the energetic sensations.

What if I feel nothing?

Even if you feel nothing, Reiki is still working.

Remember that Reiki works not just on your physical body, but also works among your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

You may feel nothing physically but if you pay close attention to your life following your Reiki sessions, you may notice shifts in other areas of your life.

Do you travel to give Reiki or Angel Card sessions?

No, with some exceptions.

I do the sessions out of my home and prefer not to travel to other people's spaces for safety reasons and because I put a lot of energy in creating a safe, relaxing space for the sessions.

With other homes, it is more difficult to control the atmosphere and it also may be more difficult for someone to drop into relaxation when they're surrounded by their own life stuff (kids, phones, doorbells, etc...)

If you are interested in providing Reiki in an office setting for your staff or something along those lines, I would absolutely travel and set up in your office space.

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