Reiki 2 Training

Reiki 2 is for those who have already been initiated into Reiki through Reiki 1 and have been practicing on themselves (at the very least) and others if they have gotten the opportunity.

With Reiki 2 attunements, the new symbols learned and new energy sealed into the student’s energy fields will enhance and strengthen the Reiki energy that flows through them.


Reiki 2 can bring you into even deeper alignment and help accelerate your personal healing as you will learn symbols for mental/emotional and distance healing.

The training will be a combination of conversation/lecture and hands on practice.

We will do short meditations to ground, center and connect.

What we will cover:

  • Review Reiki precepts and make sure everyone has a good grasp on Reiki, its history and how it works
  • Learn and practice two new Reiki symbols
  • Review hand positions, human energy field, etc…
  • Anything else that Reiki guides us to learn together! <3 Each class may be slightly different in the flow and vibe and this is totally expected as Reiki works the way it is supposed to each and every time.

What we will practice hands-on:

  • We will review how to give self-Reiki and a full treatment for others
  • We will incorporate the new symbols learned
  • We will practice sending distance Reiki to one another

You will receive:

  • Two Reiki 2 attunements. These are sacred ceremonies that allow Reiki to be transferred and sealed into your energy field
  • A Reiki manual
  • A suggested reading list & Reiki log to document practice time
  • A Reiki 2 certificate of completion <3

Additional information:

  • Pre-Requisite: Reiki 1
  • Class will be approx. 4 ┬áhours in duration.
  • It is encouraged and expected that each person completing a Reiki 2 class will go on to practice as many 10-15 min (at least) Reiki sessions on themselves or others as they can, including adding distance healing practice into their daily lives. Additional reading and self-education is always encouraged, as it will deepen your understanding and passion for Reiki.

I look forward to working with you and letting Reiki guide us in deepening your healing education!

If you do not see a class date listed on the calendar, contact me and let me know of your interest so I can set up a date! <3

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