What to Expect from my Reiki Session

All Sessions take place in my home Reiki space on the southeast side of Indianapolis.😍

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so we can get acquainted, you can sign consent forms, get drinks of water, use the restroom, etc...to allow yourself to feel fully prepared to drop into relaxation mode without feeling rushed. <3

We will discuss anything that's bothering you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually... Reiki works among all the subtle Energy bodies to transmute harsh energies.

You will lay, fully clothed on a massage table in a serene space,  and I will use the allotted time to deliver Reiki through a series of hand positions, using gentle touch and hovering my hands in your energy field. I will work with this Reiki energy to hold sacred space for you to surrender to relaxation, restoration and nurturing.

Sometimes I'll get intuitive messages for you, and I will always ask permission to deliver them to you.

When the session is over, there will be time for your questions, to discuss anything that surfaced for you during the session if you need, and for us to talk about how to continue to support your healing process. 💚

What Will I Feel After?

Reiki works on the whole person.

Usually each recipient feels a sense of peace, relaxation, energy, diminished stress, and a variety of good, uplifting  feelings. Pain relief is also common.

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